Restaurant Wynwood in Eindhoven was looking for a way to align her visual communication with the restaurant’s philosophy. Marijn Roovers speaks of this challenge.

“Wynwood offers dishes of the high segment. The price, however, coincides with the mid-range segment. Guests are fully pampered and go home with a luxurious feeling and an affordable bill. That is the message Wynwood wished to convey in every way. The big question was: how does a restaurant do that? Raise high expectations and even surpass them.”

Extension of the experience

MRFD provided the answer. The design studio made Wynwood’s wishes fitting to the smallest detail. Marijn: “The extension of that luxurious feeling all the way home is very important. This means you have to look beyond the restaurant alone. I devised a luxurious goodie bag for Wynwood’s 1st anniversary. Everything in it was sensational and stylish. Developed to the last detail. Exactly what Wynwood wishes to convey.” MRFD was, among others, in charge of: the corporate design, website, signage and digital content.

Sensational menus

The design studio collaborated with the chef de cuisine on sensational menus with which Wynwood distinguishes herself. Marijn Roovers displays his years of gastronomic experience in the styling and presentation of dishes. “We worked together for years in a Michelin restaurant. As far as working together is concerned, the chef de cuisine and I are completely in sync.”

Means of communication

You can see the designer’s touch beyond the kitchen. MRFD also designed Wynwood’s newsletter template, menus, narrowcasting screens and other means of communication. “Thanks to my knowledge of the digital domain, I was also able to integrate the corporate design into the restaurant’s online reservation system. Naturally, I am very proud of being associated with making Wynwood visible”, said Marijn Roovers.