Notenbrood, Dutch for nut bread, was conceived by a baker and Michelin chef. Although they had developed a haute cuisine product together, they had no idea how to market their Notenbrood with that same exclusive feeling. MRFD provided the solution.

Notenbrood gives you the best of both worlds. It is a haute cuisine product that was devised from a mutual dream of a master baker and Michelin chef. “In their strive for perfection they developed an unprecedented experience in which sophisticated quality and class come together. Their strive for perfection was transposed into a suitable media mix, logo and packaging”, said Marijn Roovers. “The whole package gives the buyer an unprecedented experience in which the product’s sophisticated quality and class come together.”

Enhancing the experience

“Notenbrood gives you a festive feeling from the moment you unwrap it”, the food designer explains. “You feel like you’ve just purchased a new smartphone. This experience lies in the packaging.” The box is robust and clean-cut with a highlighted photo of the product at the top. When you open the box, you read a text that enhances the product’s experience: You don’t know whether to laugh or cry...of happiness. Do you know that feeling? And that’s just the first bite!

Haute cuisine

In the box, alongside the product is a photo booklet with background information over the nut bread. The product itself is packed in snow white, wax paper that is like unwrapping a present with a seal. “The strength in this visual communication is that it doesn’t convey anything more than needed. It is super clean. So, it is what it is. Things that don’t add to the packaging have been omitted. That completes the total experience for this haute cuisine product.”