Mål Foodshaping & Presentation

The idea to develop tools with which food professionals could visualize their signature arose from Marijn Roovers’ gastronomic experience. This marked the beginning of the creative company Mål.

In the meantime, the gastronomic world has embraced the high-quality molds. From bistro to Michelin restaurant, from pastry chef to pâtissier. Marijn Roovers was one of Mål’s founders and is closely involved in the product development and brand philosophy.

Visualizing the signature

Marijn: “Mål Foodshaping & Presentation is a producer of shape and presentation materials, made to inspire the food professional. The idea to develop molding and presentation materials with which food professionals could visualize their signature stems from my gastronomic experience and is developed in collaboration with others. This marked the beginning of Mål.”

Innovative food concepts

In the meantime, the brand Mål has proven to be a creative partner in food concepts. “It isn’t a production company that solely produces food safe, tailor made silicone molds, Mål is known for her innovative concepts and high focus on service. No surprise that nearly all top restaurants, pâtissiers and cocktail bars around the world are Mål clients”, says Marijn Roovers.

Service oriented

He emphasizes Mål’s enormous focus on service. “It is also possible to have a custom mold designed, beside the standard collection. Design is thereby an important component of service. This means that we sometimes take time to make something 100% practical and unique. However, we collaborate with our clients until they are satisfied. Ultimately, a designer is fundamentally concerned with developing unique food innovations, isn’t he?”

MRFD devised Mål Food shaping & Presentation’s: brand philosophy, name, corporate style, products, website, photography, packaging and tutorials.