ByWouter holds master classes, food and wine tastings, workshops, home dinners and events. Michelin chef Wouter van Laarhoven’s company, in collaboration with MRFD, developed: a cookbook, recipes, corporate style and styling, creative input for designing food presentations and tableware.

Presentation at equal standing

His dishes are sensational, but outside of the kitchen Michelin chef Wouter van Laarhoven needed a creative, helping hand. Together with MRFD he developed ways for presenting his company ByWouter at equal standing during master classes, wine and food tastings, workshops, home diners and events. MRFD helped, among others, with the production of: a cook book, a master pâtissier portfolio, recipes, corporate style and styling, creative input for designing food presentations and tableware.

Design and photography

The master pâtissier portfolio that Marijn Roovers developed for ByWouter, wasn’t just sensational for its design and photography. The designer –also possessing technological capabilities- demonstrated his capabilities in technology. The portfolio was presented on a specially prepared tablet. (Enter my eye: come into my world, look through my creations). A chocolate coin with the Enter my eye logo on it was inside the tablet’s cover.

Tableware collection

ByWouter, in collaboration with Marijn Roovers Food Design, presented a tableware collection for Deli XL in a special way. Special attention was given to a natural designed end product, from photography to the total package. An overwhelming collection of which both client and contractor are very proud.

Young Perfect

In collaboration with Young Perfect, MRFD and ByWouter have developed various tools for retailers and restaurateurs. “They are often in search of a solution for an idea for their clients and turn to us. Together we stimulate the creativity within a company and devise a practical tool to accompany that. Sometimes we give an idea a personal twist. That way we bring out the best in each other.”

web development

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