How do you entice a guest, having drinks, to stay for dinner in a restaurant too? This is the question restaurant Wynwood presented to Marijn Roovers Food Design early 2017. The establishment in Eindhoven already had a bar for cocktails & bites. However, the step into the restaurant proved to be too big for many guests. Subsequently, our design studio devised a Bistrobar concept.

“The menu is used as an important means of communication”, says Marijn Roovers. The menu layout is that of a magazine, with many large colorful photos of the dishes and drinks. The philosophy an image speaks louder than a 1000 words, shows the guests what they can expect if they order something to eat or to drink.

“The menu layout mixes the dishes and drinks. The guest is therefore guided past the dishes on their way to find a drink and vice versa. An easy way to tempt the guest.” The menu’s food photography, editing, design and production were done by MRFD.