Those who can no longer function comfortably at work after a traumatic experience, are welcome at Hartenboeren in Kaatsheuvel. This farm provides vegetable garden remedy. Literally grounding in the vegetable garden.

The Hartenboeren (literally translated: heart farmers) themselves are Peter Timmermans and Angelique Verhoeven. In the vegetable garden, they grow vegetables, fruit, and herbs with regard for nature. In their garden they counsel people who are overworked, suffering from a burnout or PTSD. The ‘vegetable garden remedy’ allows people to recover independently and at their own pace. The harvest is sold to top restaurants in the Province of Brabant.

MRFD translated Peter and Angelique’s philosophy into a visual style that is in line with their services. Printed matter and a website with blog were made for them, showing their dedication to the business, their Heart, as a central theme.