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Design studio Marijn Roovers Food Design is specialized in food design, concept development and product design. We can also be of service for graphic design and web development.

A successful food concept

Food is much more than just eating. It’s all about the entire experience. A new concept should be marketed in the correct way. Marijn Roovers Food Design (MRFD) transforms every idea into a successful food concept.

Full service design studio

MRFD is a full-service design studio. We have what it takes to work through your project from start to finish. We create (digital) products, brands and service oriented experiences with perception and eye for detail. No standard products but tailor made wishes. The idea that you will get the best results as partners is foremost in our work. Collaboration is our key word.

The added value of an overall concept

Our design studio takes time for your wishes. Together, we search for the best option for communicating a food concept. Already have an idea? Then we will determine if the idea fits into an overall concept. That will eventually provide your company with an added value. Where needed, we will supplement your idea or offer new ideas. We always strive for perfection and therefore achieve the best results together.

From product and packaging to marketing

How does this work in practice? You tell us your idea. Together we bring the idea to life in an overall innovative concept. A cohesive whole in which the story behind your product, the packaging and the way it is marketed all come together. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to see beyond professional borders. We not only design smart packaging, but also look for the suitable media mix.

About Marijn Roovers Food Design

MRFD design studio was founded in 2012. MRFD founder Marijn Roovers designed appealing products in a short amount of time, making a name for himself as food designer. He also has extensive gastronomical experience (including Michelin level) and works with the latest preparation techniques, production methods and ingredients. This resulted in sensational developments for top restaurants, pâtissiers and cocktail bars all around the world.

Check out our projects in the portfolio.